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Solar-Home-Systems-1 kWh-10H
Solar-Home-Systems-1 kWh-10H
ProduktkatalogSolar-Home-System für 10H Sonneneinstrahlung
StückpreisUS $ 50 / piece
Detailed Info

1 KWH-Off Grid solar home power system

1.This configuration is for daily energy consumption within 1KWH.
So please estimate how many 1KWH is your daily consumption at your home.

2.The configuration is for daily effective insolation time 10Hour.
Please let us know where is the installing locatioon, so that we can check the sunshine intensity at the installing location.

configuraions for 1KWH off grid solar home power system

1.Designed for daily load energy consumption 1 KWH. The capacity of battery can be used for 3 days

2.Designed system parameters:
2.1 Solar panel:150W)
2.2 battery: 24V/200Ah(prepare for 1.2 times more for the consideration of the aging of battery)
2.3 Controller: 24V/10A

2.4 Invertor: 110VAC/1KW or 220VAC/1KW)

3.Designed system device,related parameter and price

Daily total energy output(KWH) Component Model parameter quantity Price Usage
1KWH solar panel TD75-18 (Size: 1190*540*35 )
(Rated power:75W)
Net weight:7.50KG
(Solar panel kind: mono/poly)

2pieces in serial

Battery 6-CNFJ-200 Size:522*240*219*244
Net weight:64.0KG
(Rated Voltage:12V)
(Rated capacity:200Ah)
2pieces in serial
controller CTC-24V-10A (Rated voltage:DC24V)
(Rated current:10A)
(Function over charging and discharging protection, Shorting protection,over load protection,reverse connecting with solar panel protection,reverse connecting with battery protection,anti-damaged by lighting protection.)
1pieces   Connecting with solar panel and battery)
Inverter CTI-1KW Pure sined wave
Option 1:
(Rated voltage:24V)
(Output power:1KW)
Output voltage:AC110V
Output frequency: pure sine wave 60Hz±0.1Hz)
(Inverting frequency:80%~92%)
Option 2:
input voltage:24V
Output power:1KW
Output voltcccage:220V
Output frequency: pure sine wave 50Hz±0.1Hz)
(Inverting frequency:80%~92%)
1pieces   Connecting with battery and load
wiring no include        
Battery shelf no include        
Solar panel bracket no include        
Installing and adjusting no include        
Price (FOBShenzhen):USD For 1KWH Solar System
1. This quotation valid days.
2. The above quotation are quoted as FOB(Shenzhen) Price
3. Delivery time: days upon receiving your prepayment
4. Payment: T/T 30% in advance, the banlance receipt upon received before consignment
5.Guarantee time:
5.1 Gurantee time: Solar panel is 15 years;Lead crystal battery is 5 years;contorller and invertor is 15months.
5.2 During this period, it is free to repair, replace accesory or replace products. Buyer pay the delivery fee. Any damage, buyer should prove picture, documents to seller.
5.3 the seller's shall not be held responsible in one of the following circumstances;
5.3.1 Damage caused by force Majeure, natural Disaster,such as earthquake, typhoons,tornado,flood ,landslide etc.
5.3.2 Man-made damage. such as theft, chemical pollutant, traffic accident etc. Any
dispute arising from the execution of, or in connection with,this P/I should be settled through negotiation in case no settlement can be reached,the case shall be submitted to the Court of Arbitration in HongKong.
6. We are not responsible for delays in making delivery or an failure to make delivery due to causes
beyond our control including, but not limited to, acts or regulations,of any governmental authority, fire, work stoppages or
slow down, flood and war.
  Sales Manager Michael xia
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